amazon echo illustrator



- How it works -

An artboard illustration

Create your artboard

An echo dot illustration

Ask Alexa for the size

An keyboard illustration

Type in the dimensions as pixelpet reads it aloud

- Watch it in Action -


Alexa, ask Pixel Pet what is the size of an iPhone

Alexa, ask Pixel Pet how tall is an A9 sheet

Alexa, ask Pixel Pet, how many inches in a Post Card

Alexa, ask Pixel Pet visiting card in millimeters

Alexa, ask Pixel Pet how big is a facebook ad



Pixel Pet is an Alexa Skill for designers. Have your artboard sizes read aloud to you by alexa, rather than having to google it everytime. It has most sizes memorised, so just ask for a size and have it read it out to you as you create your artboard.

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